Microsoft Confirms New Mid-Range Surface 3 Model

This version has recently been spotted in Germany

Unannounced Microsoft Surface 3 Model Spotted in Germany

Microsoft is launching a new mid-range Surface 3 model

Microsoft Reportedly Kills the Surface Pro 3 i3 Model

Redmond wants to boost sales of the new Surface 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Could Launch in May - Report

A new Surface model could see daylight this month

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Specifications Reportedly Leaked

Redmond is working on a successor to the Surface Pro 3

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Finally Selling Well, Is the iPad at Risk?

Official figures point to strong sales for the Surface unit

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 vs. Apple’s New 12-Inch MacBook

Apple unveiled a new 12-inch MacBook on Monday

Microsoft Planning a 14-Inch “Tablet” - Rumor

Word has it that Microsoft is preparing a new tablet

Why Microsoft Should Launch a Surface Mini with an 8-Inch Screen

Word has it Microsoft is working on a smaller tablet, again

Rumor Mill: Surface Mini, Surface High-End Phone in the Works

Rumor has it that Microsoft might prepare two new devices

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