Anyone Can Now Create a Windows 10 App in Their Browser

Windows App Studio now supports Windows 10 universal apps

Some Say the Windows 10 Start Menu Should Look like This

Jump lists and favorites easily accessible in this design

Users Want the “Expand Start Menu to Start Screen” Button Back in Windows 10

UserVoice request asks Microsoft to restore this feature

UK Government Cool with Windows XP Still on Its Computers

We're migrating, the government says in a statement

Windows 10's Music App Leaks in Official Photo

This is what the new Music app is going to look like

Leaked Windows 10 Build 10125 Comes with New Network Beta App

This could allow users to easily manage their networks

Microsoft Revamps Windows 10 Start Screen, Adds Hamburger Button - Photo Gallery

The Windows 10 Start screen now comes with redesigned UI

Windows 10 Build 10122 Screenshots

Here’s the new Windows 10 build in action

Microsoft Finally Releases Windows 10 Builds at a Much Faster Pace

Only 21 days have passed since the previous release

Microsoft: Windows 10 Is Finally Taking Shape

Redmond says the new OS is more stable and polished now

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