​Uber Putting Effort into Launching Driverless Cabs

Self-driving Ubers could be hitting the road soon enough

​Google Patents Creepy Plushy Robot

Google's patents are getting weirder by the day

​Google Is Looking into E-Commerce with Shoppable YouTube Ads

Google wants to add a "Click to Buy" button on YouTube ads

​Facebook's Oculus Rift Slammed with Trade Secrets Misappropriation Lawsuit - WSJ

The founder is accused of using confidential information

Getting Started with MongoDB

Basic MongoDB shell commands and a list of Web GUIs

Basic Commands for npm (Node.js Package Manager)

Get started with the basic Node.js & npm commands

​The Eiffel Tower Changes Domain

The old pages now redirect to the newly acquired domain

​Homophobic Ad Proves Twitter Can’t Handle Hate Crime

The CEO admitted that they not that good at tackling trolls

​Facebook Wants to Build Data Center in Ireland

Dublin is among the most wanted places for server farms

PHP 7, an Upgrade We Can All Look Forward To

The upcoming version of PHP is actually a remarkable piece of software engineering with a huge boost in speed

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