Google Open Sources Roboto, the Font Used in Android and Chrome OS

Roboto is now available via GitHub and Google Fonts

​Google:Parents Contribute to the Lack of Workforce Diversity

The company's diversity results are pretty worrying

​Google Patents Creepy Plushy Robot

Google's patents are getting weirder by the day

​Google Is Looking into E-Commerce with Shoppable YouTube Ads

Google wants to add a "Click to Buy" button on YouTube ads

​Google Patents In-Conversation Googling

The patent would allow texting to go smoother

​Google Might Be Taking on Instagram with New Photo Service

The service is expected to be announced during Google I/O

​Google Sends Its Engineers to College

The company wants to diversify its workforce

​Google Launches Partnership with European Publishers

The company wants to support news publications

Google Takes a Stand Against Patent Trolls

The company will launch a patent marketplace

eBay Sides with Google in Antitrust Lawsuit

The e-commerce company does not condemn Google's practices

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