Beware of Poorly-Written HSBC Bank “Suspended Account” Emails

The fraudsters try to convince users that someone has accessed their accounts

Flaw in Kindle Touch Browser Allows Attacker to Steal Root Credentials

Amazon has promised to roll out a patch in the upcoming period

Anonymous Hackers Publish Details of Yemen’s Internet Filtering Systems

Operation GodFather moves on from United Arab Emirates

Fake Halifax “Account Error” and “Security Message” Emails Lead to Phishing Sites

Hijacked websites from Sri Lanka and Portugal have been involved in the scheme

China Has Access to 80% of Telecoms via Huawei and ZTE Devices, Experts Say

The two companies are currently investigated by the US House Intelligence Committee

Anonymous: There Is No War Between WikiLeaks and Us

One member’s words don’t represent the voice of the entire community, the hacktivists say

Privacy Bug: Skype Crash Causes Messages to Be Delivered to Wrong Recipient

Skype representatives are “working hard” to address the problem

Unhappy Employee Hacks Former Company, Threatens Boss with Axe

The owner of an Australian ISP witnessed the fury of 29-year-old Bryce Kingsley Quilley

Scareware Leverages Reputation of Industrial Espionage Malware

The scammers don’t know what Medre is or how to remove it

Trend Micro Confirms Yahoo! Mail Flaw Possible Cause of “Android Botnet”

Over 10 days have passed since Lookout notified Yahoo! and the issue still isn’t fixed

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