Siemens Patches SIMATIC WinCC Apps for iOS Against Password-Related Flaws

All app versions lower than 1.0.2 are affected

Adobe Flash Player Fixes Nine Security Bugs

Most flaws discovered by Google's Project Zero researchers

North Korea’s Red Star OS Open to Root Access

Commands can be executed with admin privileges

Anonymous Hacktivist Group Pledges Retaliation Against Terrorists

#OpCharlieHebdo is currently under development

vBulletin Warns of vBSEO Vulnerability

Admins advised to select a different tool for the SEO job

Hacker Reality Show in the Works at SyFy

Complex visuals to be used to deliver the hacking experience

Glitch in InfiniteWP Client Allows Control over Maintenance Page Content

Attackers need to know the administrator's username

LG Electronics Winning Notification Is a Phishing Scam with an EDU Touch

Crook uses different send and reply addresses

Major Online Publications Suffer Attack from Syrian Electronic Army

Not all the websites have recovered from the attack

Adobe Reader Sandbox Is Vulnerable, No Need to Worry

Race condition allows writing arbitrary files on the system

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