Watch: They Shower in Molten Iron in China, No Joke

“So long as you're not afraid to die, it's OK”

Farm Worker Swears at Sheep, PETA Files Legal Complaint

Sheep are easily offended by profanities, PETA insists

Watch: Nerdy Girl Beats Up Gym Combat Trainers

The poor lads were left dumbfounded by the girl's moves

Japan Is Using Orange Paint to Fight Crime

Just the sight of the paint is enough to deter perpetrators

Watch: Man Scares the Life Out of Charging Bear

The wild animal was about to attack, turned around and made a run for it when the man roared in its direction

Man Arrested for the 492nd Time for Being Drunk in Public

The 46-year-old man had his first run-in with the law back in 1994, seems incapable of keeping out of jail

Watch: Black Bear Chases After Yellowstone Tourists

The black bear turned against the tourists and started chasing them around because it wanted to keep its cubs safe

Watch: Worm Puking Freaky Appendage Will Scar You for Life

This bizarre creature, identified as a ribbon worm, might just be the most disgusting ever to crawl the Earth

There's a Godzilla-Themed Hotel in Tokyo and It's Super Awesome

The hotel, located in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, even has a model of the monster's head fitted on its roof

Adorable Kitten Looks Perpetually Concerned

The miniature feline, now just 8 weeks old, sports two black blotches that look just like eyebrows on his forehead

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