Nokia 5800 Gets Updated to Firmware 40.0.005

Receives kinetic scrolling

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has just released a new software solution for one of the most popular handsets it has on the market at the moment, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The new firmware available for the device is 40.0.005, and it replaces firmware version 31.0.8, previously released for this music phone.

There are a wide range of new features that software update 40.0.005 reportedly brings to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, the most important of which is said to be kinetic scrolling. There is no official change-log available for the new firmware solution, yet those who already installed it on their 5800 devices say that the kinetic scrolling feature is all there, though it won't work in the main menu, application menu and browser.

Among the other enhancements the new software solution for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic we can count:

- Home style widget with Nokia 5530;

- Auto-switching mode (when in landscape mode, the phone automatically activates the QWERTY keyboard);

- Refresh Icons “Sharing Online”, “Configuring Accessories”, “Configure Phone”;

- Improved application “Updating Applications”, which also renames Upgrade SW;

- The application “Data transfer” was also implemented in “Settings”;

- Real Player Updated (12 October 2009);

- Touch more responsive;

- Improved stability.

A recent post on forums shows not only the aforementioned changes that were included in the new firmware 40.0.005, but also a series of videos that are meant to show some of the improvements the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic now includes. Among them, there is a quick presentation of the new firmware, and you can also take a look at it at the end of this article.

Other improvements might also be there, yet undiscovered until now. The new software solution can be downloaded via the Nokia Software Updater, but not over the air at the moment. Those willing to perform the upgrade should also consider backing up their handset before the move, just to make sure that nothing important is lost in the process.

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