Hulu Adds ABC Content

The popular online video site adds more content to supplement that from NBC and Fox

TweetCraft - Now You Can Tweet from World of Warcraft

A Twitter client was finally launched for the online game

Twitter Hit by Pranksters Again

Members of the 4chan forum hit again

Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde Optmistic About the Future of the Site

The outcome of the Pirate Bay deal becomes clearer

Ad Market Headed for Small Recovery in 2010

While the outlook for 2009 is more pessimistic

Google Maps Adds Real-Estate Market Information

The feature is only available in Australia for now

Fire in Seattle Data Center Takes Out Bing Travel,

Full service still hasn't been restored

IT Professionals More Comfortable with Social Networking at the Workplace

A new study finds businesses warming up to social networking

No Codec Requirements for the HTML 5 Standard

As the browser makers have failed to find common grounds

Wikimedia Foundation Receives a $300,000 Grant

To help with the Wikimedia Commons project

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