New Alert System Relies on Solar-Powered Armband

It will let caregivers know when patients get a fever

Get the Shnap and You'll Never Have to Tie Your Shoelaces Again

The aglet conspiracy has just gained a whole new layer

Electric Thinking Cap Boosts Learning and Decision Making - Video

Wear it for 20 minutes and you get 5-hour benefits

A Full-Body Airbag, Because Nothing Is Safer

The German invention was inspired by hedgehogs

MIT Creates an Autonomous Zipper Control Robot - Video

It will zip up your jacket even as you rush out the door

ASUS Prepares First Ever Smartwatch with Windows

The wearable device will carry the brand ASUS Vivo Watch

CES 2015: LG WebOS Smartwatch Coming in 2016

Audi already uses them to order cars around

CES 2015: LG WebOS Smartwatch Emerges, Used by Audi Rep

The wearable device market just got bigger than before

To Detect Lies You Need to Force People into This Body Suit

Polygraphs never really worked as well as fiction suggested

CES 2015: Button-Sized Intel Curie PC Will Power Wearables

A round motherboard+CPU module as small as a thumb nail

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