Telstra Releases Android 2.2 for the T-Touch Tab

The OS upgrade and full instructions are available on Huawei's website

Australians who own a T-Touch Tab tablet PC from Telstra now have the possibility to download and install a new software update on their devices, none other than the Android 2.2 operating system flavor that many have been long waiting for.

The new software update comes along with a wide range of features and enhancements for devices, the wireless carrier announced.

Telstra's T-Touch Tab was manufactured by Huawei, and all of the necessary details on the update, along with the downloadable packages are available on the maker's website.

Some of the main improvements the new software update brings on devices would include:

- Improved Adobe Flash Player performance

- Applications can now be saved to a microSD card – freeing up internal memory

- New mobile hotspot features that allows you to share your data connection with other Wi-Fi capable devices

- Improved mobile web-browsing performance

- The update introduces voice activation of voice commands for call dialling, web searches and navigation searches

- Improved Microsoft Exchange support.

Huawei has just made the necessary files available for download on its website here, including the new ROM, the installation instructions, the necessary drivers, and the like.

“This software download contains the complete updated software package for the device (also known as a ROM). The package is 216 MB and should be downloaded to a PC before being installed onto the T-Touch Tab via the bundled USB cable. It replaces all existing data on the device,” the wireless carrier explains.

To make sure that the installation process goes according to plan, users will need to closely follow the step-by-step instructions that Huawei published on its website.

Before proceeding with the update, users should make sure that they backup all data on the tablet PC, to make sure they won't lose important information, since the installation process will erase all files there.

“Customers can contact Huawei’s technical support service by calling 1800 330 943 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday),” the wireless carrier continued.

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