Six New HTC Phones Before Year's End

Vision, Vanguard, Mondrian and more

Taiwan-based mobile phone maker HTC Corporation is expected to launch a series of six new handsets before the end of the ongoing year, a move that would help it boost sales and increase its market share. It seems that the company would indeed bring to the market in 2010 the first dual core device, as well as its first Windows Phone 7 handset, just as previous rumors on the matter suggested.

The worldwide leading smartphone manufacturer is said to be aiming at increasing its handset sales in the fourth quarter of the ongoing year to over 8.5 million units, something that would be possible courtesy of the six new devices it aims at bringing to shelves. According to a recent article on DigiTimes, HTC would plan the release of the said devices on the market in the United States and Europe.

Moreover, it seems that we should also expect for the first dual-core handset from HTC to arrive on the market in the near future. According to the news site, that would be the Android-based HTC Vision, which already made it into the wild before. This mobile phone is expected to become available for purchase on the European Market sometime in October.

Another handset that would help HTC's sales would be the long rumored HTC Mondrian, most probably the first device it would release with Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS on board. This device made it to the headlines quite a few times before, and was even spotted in user agent strings on the handset vendors website. The phone is expected to come to the European market.

As for the United States, HTC should bring two new Android-based devices on T-Mobile's airwaves, including the Vanguard and Emerald, as well as a Windows Phone 7 handset, DigiTime states, citing the Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times. Another HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphone should arrive on AT&T's airwaves in November, it seems.

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