OTECH F1 the First Quad-SIM Mobile Phone Comes with 12.1MP Camera

If you're one of those phone addicted persons that enjoys carrying two, three or even four handsets around, then this will probably not interest you at all. Still, for the rest of you that wish to limit the number of mobile phones that you're carrying with you, then here is OTECH F1, probably the first phone capable of quad-SIM compatibility.

Apparently the phone is made Otech, a Hong-Kong company specialized in mobile phone related products (earphones, headphones).

It seems to be available only in Asian countries for the moment, which makes me look at its spec sheet rather cautious.

Mock up or KIRF, the OTECH F1 is clearly showing from the pictures that it might be capable of receiving four GSM signals, but the screenshots only show one network operator.

OTECH F1 looks very much like an E71 or E72 smartphone, that's why I was surprised to find that this one actually comes with a 2.4-inch touchscreen. I also noticed from the pictures that the device also includes a stylus that makes browsing through the menu much easier.

Another highlight of the quad-SIM phone is the built-in TV receiver, which seems to be compatible with PAL, NTSC and SECAM systems.

The phone also comes with FM Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as GPRS for data transfer connectivity. Unfortunately, the latter is kinda disappointing, especially that you will have four SIMs, but you won't be able to use 3G or HSDPA technologies.

Further, a 12.1-megapixel camera with a small flash above can be noticed on the back of the phone.

Still, I wouldn't count on the number above, which might as well be 1.2-megapixel. In fact, that would probably be far closer to the truth the the number in the spec sheet.

Even if it's true and the camera is indeed 12.1-megapixel, I'm pretty sure the quality of the pictures would be much lower than usual.

Obviously there's no price yet for this device, which will probably be available exclusively in Asia.


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