HTC Sensation Has the Fastest Smartphone Camera

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation claims that its latest Android-based flagship model, the HTC Sensation, came to the market with the fastest smartphone camera in the world.

The handset was launched in late April, and is already available for purchase in various markets around the world, with a fast dual-core 1.2GHz application processor inside, and with Google's Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system on board.

However, it seems that, in addition to being capable of providing increased performance levels, the new handset can also offer fast photo shooting capabilities.

The leading mobile phone maker announced this via a recent tweet, and also provided a link to an article on stuff-review, in which HTC Sensation's camera speed is compared to the photo snappers of other smartphones out there.

“The HTC Sensation's camera is the quickest draw in the West (and East, and South and North...),” HTC noted in the said tweet.

When measuring the speed of the handset's camera, they take into consideration the time needed for getting from the handset's screen to the camera and that for taking the photo.

Apparently, the HTC Sensation needs less than 2 seconds to snap the shot from the homescreen, the fastest time any other smartphone can achieve.

The second runner is Nokia N9, which was unveiled only a few weeks ago, and which was said to have the fastest camera on the smartphone market.

At 2.6 seconds from the homescreen to taking the photo, Nokia's MeeGo-based handset is only the second best in the world, it seems.

The HTC Sensation might not come with an unlocked bootloader, or with the largest amount of RAM an Android-based mobile phone can pack, but it does include the fastest camera any other mobile phone does, that's for sure.

You can have a look at the video embedded below to see how fast the HTC Sensation can snap photos.

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