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Hey, there! From where I stand, it seems that my life-long passion for animals and nature, together with my avid interest in everything that has to do with the written word, finally paid off, as now I get to spend my time reporting on how important the natural world is and on how we all should focus on taking better care of it.

OK, maybe when I was one-year-old I didn't really know how to make heads or tails of what was around me, but once I began to grow up, I sparked a sudden interest in most of the things having to do with the environment.

Otherwise, I'm your average chirpy young lady, who enjoys spending time with friends – outdoors, if possible – and browsing for new editions of relatively old books in libraries.

Hopefully, you'll have as much fun reading my articles as I have writing them!

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World's First Tunicorn Is Actually a Tuna Fish with a Giant Horn on Its Head

The odd creature was caught not far from the Great Barrier Reef by a group of fishermen, photos of it have gone viral
by Laura Sinpetru, 13:30 GMT

Man Texts His Probation Officer to Ask for Some Marijuana

Unfortunately, all his probation officer could offer him was a shiny pair of handcuffs and a ride to the station
by Laura Sinpetru, 12:50 GMT

Copper Cube Cooled to Near Absolute Zero in New World Record

The copper cube was cooled to as much as -273.144 degrees Celsius (0.006 kelvin), kept there for 15 days
by Laura Sinpetru, 09:19 GMT
Dead Hearts Resuscitated and Transplanted into Patients in Medical First

Dead Hearts Resuscitated and Transplanted into Patients in Medical First

by Laura Sinpetru, 08:17 GMT
The first-of-their-kind procedures were performed by surgeons at the St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney, Australia

Comet Smells like Rotten Eggs, Horse Poo, Plenty Other Repulsive Things

The comet's odor was broken down with the help of the Rosetta Orbiter Sensor for Ion and Neutral Analysis
by Laura Sinpetru, 07:39 GMT

New York City Doctor Confirmed to Have Ebola

The 33-year-old is now in isolation at the city's Bellevue Hospital, those who had contact with him are being monitored
by Laura Sinpetru, 06:44 GMT

Comets Found to Orbit Nearby Young Star by the Hundreds

The star sits at a distance of about 63 light-years from the Sun, scientists say it's been around for 20 million years
by Laura Sinpetru, 20:57 GMT

Weird Dinosaur Looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame

The ancient creature had an impressive humpback, an oddly big belly, and no teeth whatsoever, paleontologists say
by Laura Sinpetru, 20:03 GMT

How Half a Liter of Vodka Got a Kitten Totally Drunk and Saved Its Life

The young feline had been poisoned with anti-freeze, vet hoping to save its life put it on a vodka drip
by Laura Sinpetru, 19:57 GMT
The Turtle Taxi Will Take You Anywhere You Want as Slowly as Possible

The Turtle Taxi Will Take You Anywhere You Want as Slowly as Possible

by Laura Sinpetru, 19:03 GMT
This taxi service was especially created for people who are not in a hurry and who want a peaceful ride

Alcohol Found to Help Older People Remember Things

Study finds moderate alcohol consumption goes hand in hand with a larger volume in a brain area dubbed the hippocampus
by Laura Sinpetru, 14:49 GMT

Sphinx Head Discovered in 4th Century BC Tomb in Greece

The archaeologists who found the head say that it's surprisingly well preserved, all that's missing is part of its nose
by Laura Sinpetru, October 23rd, 2014

Boy Dumps Girl, Girl Spends an Entire Week in a KFC, Eating Chicken Wings

The 26-year-old, identified as Tan Shen, says she needed some time to think and get things sorted out
by Laura Sinpetru, October 23rd, 2014

Grandmother Admits to Selling Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, and Hashish

The woman, identified as Candace Kelly, says she only did it because she needed money to raise her grandchildren
by Laura Sinpetru, October 23rd, 2014

Humans and Neanderthals Had Their First Kids Together About 50,000 Years Ago

DNA recovered from 45,000-year-old bone found in Siberia sheds new light on the romance between humans and Neanderthals
by Laura Sinpetru, October 23rd, 2014
Adult Human Skin Cells Directly Converted into Brain Cells

Adult Human Skin Cells Directly Converted into Brain Cells

by Laura Sinpetru, October 23rd, 2014
When implanted into the brains of laboratory mice, the converted cells survived, behaved similarly to native cells

Odd Jewelry Connects to Your Veins, Harvests Energy from Blood Flow

The jewelry is the brain child of an industrial designer named Naomi Kizhner, is meant to promote sustainability
by Laura Sinpetru, October 22nd, 2014
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