Yebot Backdoor Built for Wide Range of Malicious Operations

Includes RDP, FTP and SOCKS 5 server support

Leaked Full Version of NanoCore RAT Used to Target Energy Companies

The US records most of the infections, followed by Canada

TeslaCrypt Ransomware Encrypts Files of over 20 Games

Over 50 out of 185 targeted file extensions are game-related

Ransomware Hits Law Firm, Encrypts Workstation

Company offers customers complimentary identity protection

Malicious Code Lurks in “Account Suspended” Pages

Iframe directs to Fiesta exploit kit landing page

Simplocker Ransomware for Android Returns with New Version

Fake warning from FBI is plastered on the screen

New Variant of Carberp Trojan Hits Australia

Integrates SysInternals tool that crashes systems

CryptoWall Makes a Comeback, Version 3.0 Spotted in the Wild

Localized ransom message, for every victim to understand

Remote Overlay Attack Toolkit Targets Brazilian Bank Customers

Victim is robbed while waiting completion of security update

Andromeda Botkit Used for Bitcoin Mining Purpose

Crooks crack older version of Andromeda botkit

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