Newborn Baby Has Open Heart Surgery Minutes After Birth

Chanel Murrish has become Britain's youngest patient ever to undergo the procedure

Watch: Babies Taste Lemon for First Time in Their Lives

The video that captures their hilarious reactions has quickly gone viral

Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat! The Most Famous Unhappy Feline Turns Two

Grumpy Cat spent her birthday touring New York City

Chupie, the Texas Chupacabra, Has Been Put to Sleep

The creature was recently caught by a couple, some say it was a raccoon with mange

Rare Goat-Sheep Hybrid, or “Geep,” Has Been Born in Ireland

Farmer Paddy Murphy says the rare creature is healthy and thriving

Bald Man Passes Through Two Passport Controls Using His Blonde Girlfriend's Documents

Airport staff failed to notice Neil Clulow was carrying another person's passport

Bulldog Puppy Can't Stop Kissing Little Baby

Both the baby and the pooch will make you smile

Alcoholic Court Stenographer Keeps Writing "I Hate My Job" Instead of Actual Trial Details

Daniel Kochanski messed up transcripts for important criminal cases

Australian Man Arrested for Showing Up Drunk at His Wedding Hopes to Win Back His Bride

Jacob Francis Brookes appeared in court this week

Norwegian Teenager with McDonald's Tattoo Gets Second Receipt Inked on His Body

Stian Ytterdahl kept his promise and got the ink shop receipt tattooed on his other arm

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