YouTube Launches Creator Studio App, Announces Even More Cool Features

YouTube will finally let people donate money to the creators they like

About a month back, YouTube announced some big plans that people were immediately fans of. During the recent Vidcon conference, the company once more confirmed its intention to help the creative people who upload content to YouTube.

YouTube Director of Product Management for Creators Matthew Glotzbach and the company’s Vice-President of Engineering for Creators Oliver Heckmann took the stage to announce the news.

First off, the YouTube Creator Studio app for Android users has already made its way into the app store, while iOS users are bound to receive it too sometime in the near future. The tool allows users to view analytics, manage their videos, filter and respond to fan comments and messages, customize push notifications and more. You can also download the app from Softpedia.

The company is also giving creators access to a huge library of royalty-free sound effects, so that they don’t have to jump through hoops to get their hands on such content or to make it on their own. On the downside, future sound effects on YouTube will likely sound the same for this exact reason.

A really exciting announcement from the two YouTube execs was that the platform would soon come with support for 60 FPS videos, which will be particularly handy for those who often post gameplay videos to the site.

Another “coming soon” feature is the ability to name your collaborators on the video in a way that people may actually click on. Right now, YouTubers who create such clips often post links to their collaborator’s accounts in an annotation, which people often shut down before the video even starts.

Talking of annotations, YouTube will replace these with cards that will work on all platforms (desktop, smartphones and tablets).

Fans of certain videos will be able to submit subtitles for the works they like to help out those who don’t speak a certain language. This feature is really awesome and should come in handy for a lot of people.

Yet another feature that creators will soon get should make it easier for them to make their videos discoverable. No additional details were shared about this aside from the fact that it will involve a new way to create playlists.

The two execs have also confirmed that the platform will receive a way for fans to make donations to their favorite content creators. Many have already been trying to get money through various campaigns and Patreon seems to be particularly popular these days.

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