Yes, New Mac Pros Are Coming at WWDC 12

Petitioners at ease, reliable sources are saying it’s happening

After much debate and a petition racking up 17,600 votes begging Apple to say something about the future of the Mac Pro, reliable sources are saying that “Apple will, in fact, unveil a new Mac Pro at WWDC next week.”

It seems 9to5’s sources are not shooting their mouths either, as they have part numbers to back their claims: MD770LL/A – K5BPLUS,BETTER, BTR-USA; MD771LL/A – K5BPLUS,BEST,BTR-USA; MD772LL/A – K5BPLUS,ULTIMATE,BTR-USA.

The report also mentions pricing. Apparently, Apple is sticking to the current scheme for two standard versions of the workstation “and a third version with OS X Server capabilities.” Apple has long touted the Mac Pro as a good replacement of the now-discontinued Xserve.

In fact, Apple has been said to be fiddling with a new rack-mountable design that would allow Mac Pro workstations to be stackable, for server needs.

Also a reliable source of Apple rumors, the namesake MacRumors chimes in with a tidbit that might just put the lid on speculation (and petitions) once and for all:

“Apple began recalling Mac Pro stocks from its retail stores several weeks ago, with retail store staff having been instructed to inform customers that they may still order the machines online.”

In other words, Apple is cleaning up inventory making room for the new machines. Even if there’s no redesign, the Mac Pro is long overdue for an upgrade, both processor-wise, and port-wise (think Thunderbolt). And this is to name only a few areas where Apple needs to beef up the product to keep longstanding fans happy.

Finally, on June 12th, Apple is reportedly holding a secret “overnight” gathering with retail staffers for training sessions. The purpose of the meet-up is unknown at this time.

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