Windows Phone 8.1’s File Manager to Be an Updated SkyDrive App

It will be similar to the SkyDrive client in Windows 8.1

One of the features that Windows Phone users have been long waiting for and which hasn’t made an appearance on their devices as of now is a File Manager, yet it appears that it won’t be long before one will arrive.

As reported earlier, the feature will make it inside Windows Phone next year via a platform upgrade, supposedly the Windows Phone 8.1 OS flavor.

What is still unknown is how Microsoft will actually implement the feature, yet it appears that Twitter user Nawzil has resolved the mystery.

The File Manager in Windows Phone 8.1 will be an updated SkyDrive application, the same as those who own Windows 8.1 machines can enjoy at the moment.

For those out of the loop, we should note that Microsoft has updated the SkyDrive client for Windows 8.1 to turn it into a touch-friendly application that will serve as a file manager both for files on the PC and for those in the cloud.

According to a recent tweet from Nawzil, the SkyDrive client for Windows Phone 8.1 will function the same way as the one in Windows 8.1 does. Given the leaker’s previous track record on providing info on new, unannounced WP flavors, we’re expecting things to turn out this way.

The availability of a file manager in Windows Phone 8.1 should also facilitate other features that the platform has been rumored to come with, such as the possibility to have apps saved on SD card, as LiveSide notes in a recent article.

Overall, it appears that Microsoft might be finally getting closer to the launch of the mobile platform that all smartphone users are dreaming of with the release of Windows Phone 8.1.

The OS should arrive sometime in the second quarter of the next year, rumor has it. However, no official confirmation on this has been provided as of now. Stay tuned for more on the matter.

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