Weekend Reading: The Final List of PlayStation 4 Specifications and Games

The next-generation console should be quite powerful and will receive many games

The PlayStation 4 will (most likely) be revealed next week on February 20 during a special press conference in New York City.

Alongside it, you can bet that Sony will reveal a variety of games that will show off the power of the next-generation home console in terms of visuals, mechanics, and much more.

Ahead of any big announcement, many reports have started to appear in the last few weeks, with lots of websites posting various rumors claiming inside knowledge from various sources, so we decided to make a roundup and throw in our own thoughts about Sony's new PlayStation console.

The PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis, will without a doubt be more powerful than the PS3 but, at the same time, it's going to feature a simpler hardware architecture. While the current PS3 is more powerful than the Xbox 360 by some degree, its complex Cell chips have given game developers lots of problems when trying to adapt their projects onto it.

Besides the beefier and more simple components, the console is also expected to boast an upgraded version of the PlayStation Eye camera, in order to provide it with face recognition technology and a built-in support for voice chat.

Last but not least, there will be a brand new controller that improves upon the traditional DualShock design by adding a special touchpad right on the front. The device will also redesign the thumbsticks and the shoulder buttons, while the D-pad and the front buttons will remain the same.

While the hardware will definitely impress some fans, the PlayStation 4 announcement is certain to reveal a variety of great games that will appear on the next-generation console.

Among them, as we heard through previous rumors, are the likes of Killzone 4 or a new Motorstorm game.

You can also expect titles that have been a long time in development for the PS3, like The Last Guardian, to make the jump to the new console.

Massive franchises, like Uncharted, might also see fresh installments revealed or at least hinted at, but things are still unclear.

Everything, however, will be revealed on February 20, when Sony holds its future of PlayStation conference.

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