Ubuntu Goes Mobile

Linux for mobile phones

Ubuntu Mobile has announced that they will release a version of Linux especially designed for mobile phones. The Ubnutu version is created for the net-enabled devices that have increasingly higher power requirements.

Linux is currently gaining popularity among PC operators that appreciate the facilities this operating system has to offer. First of all, Linux is free, unlike the Microsoft operating system. This actually means that anyone can modify it or produce software applications for it.

Due to this, Linux makes an excellent environment that offers its users a wide range of possibilities. The system's popularity brought Ubuntu a closed deal with Dell, as to have Linux preinstalled on all of the sold devices.

Ubuntu is collaborating with Intel for the release of the mobile version of Linux. Both these companies are trying to make the best of what the mobile phone market has to offer. Intel has already unveiled a processor designed for portable computers that measures one-seventh of the size of normal ones and needs only 10% of the usual power. Ubuntu, on the other hand, aims at offering a graphical interface adjusted to the requirements of a cellular screen without draining the battery too fast.

Such a release has been long awaited by the increasingly powerful portable devices that have higher demands from the software that they are using. Ubuntu CTO, Matt Zimmerman brought into attention the fact that "These devices place new demands on open-source software and require innovative graphical interfaces, improved power management and better responsiveness."

A final version of Ubuntu for mobile phones will be released in October 2007.

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