UGNazi Hackers Take Over Twitter Account of WBC’s Fred Phelps Jr.

Another Phelps family member targeted by hacktivists

After hacking the account of Shirley Phelps-Roper, Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) spokeswoman and the daughter of Fred Phelps Sr. – the head of the controversial organization –, UGNazi hackers have turned their attention to another Phelps family member.

This time they hacked the Twitter account of Fred Phelps Jr. – the son of Fred Phelps Sr.

Just as they did with the account of Shirley (@DearShirley), the hacktivists started retweeting hundreds of anti-WBC messages.

The overtaken account has been renamed to “Cosmo” and a picture that reads “pray for Newtown” has been posted on the profile.

The UGNazi hacker who took credit for the hack claims to be the notorious Cosmo. A couple of days ago, Wired reported that it was really Cosmo, the hacker sentenced to probation back in November, who was behind the attack.

However, someone has told me that it’s not actually Cosmo, but a hacker that goes by the name of Shm00p.

The WBC continues to be targeted by hacktivists. So far, the hackers have taken down the organization’s websites and leaked the personal details of their members, but they claim that OpWBC is far from being over.

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