Toni Braxton Opens Up on Bankruptcy, Fans, Comeback – Video

Singer says it was a passion for all things girlie and bad health that led her to ruin

Toni Braxton, one of the most appreciated and best-selling artists of our times, has seen her fair share of ups and downs these past few years. After filing for bankruptcy twice and struggling with serious health problems, Toni is finally back.

As the video above shows, she’s also ready to open up about her past troubles and, to a certain extent, offer an official explanation for them.

The singer sat down for an interview with “20/20” and, for once, held nothing back when it came to speaking about her personal life and, if you will, her rise from the ashes.

The first time she filed for bankruptcy, she did it because she overspent, she admits. The second time, though, it was because of her deteriorating health (a heart condition and lupus), which prevented her from honoring her contracts.

In the end, Toni believes, it was all for the best perhaps, in the sense that she got to learn a valuable lesson. Now making her comeback in both music and film, she is also a reality star and, apparently, a woman on a budget.

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