T-Mobile G2 Now Free on Contract for Online Purchase

Mobile phone carrier T-Mobile USA has just lowered the price tag of T-Mobile G2 to $0 if purchased online with a two-year contract agreement with the wireless carrier, after a $50 mail-in rebate.

The T-Mobile G2 was made available for purchase both on contract and without one (for $499.99), and can be acquired for free from the carrier for a limited period of time.

The promotion for this mobile phone is reportedly ending January 20th, at least this is what a recent article on Engadget notes, so those who would like to take advantage of it should hurry up.

“The T-Mobile G2 with Google is the first smartphone built for 4G speeds on our new network. Get the information you need, faster than you ever thought possible: Browse the Web, search, and download, all at blazing-fast speeds,” the carrier notes on its website.

This was the first Android-based smartphone that landed at T-Mobile with support for its newly upgraded HSPA+ network, through which users can access the Internet at 4G speeds.

The carrier already launched other handsets with similar functionality, and plans on releasing some more of them soon.

However, the T-Mobile G2 remains one of the nicest phones it released, the successor of T-Mobile G1, the first mobile phone in the world to run under Google's Android operating system.

Here's what T-Mobile has to say on this device:

Built for blazing-fast speeds on America’s largest 4G network - and ready to deliver the info you need, faster than you ever thought possible.

- Ultra-fast Web browsing, searching, and downloads

- Get info faster and easier, just by speaking, with new Voice Actions from Google

- Integrated Google Voice transcribes voicemail, so you can read it like e-mail

- One-click access to your favorite apps with customizable Quick Key

Those of you who would like to purchase the T-Mobile G2 for free on a two-year contract agreement with the wireless carrier will find the device listed here.

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