“Star Trek Into Darkness” Japanese Trailer Holds Key to Villain Identity

Fans aren’t exactly pleased by one particular scene included in it

The “Star Trek Into Darkness” trailer finally dropped online yesterday but, as I also noted at the time, the Japanese version included about 15 seconds of extra footage, including one scene in which Kirk and Spock touch hands.

As touching as that particular scene might be (especially with Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain saying in the background something about Kirk going the distance for his “family”), it’s been done before already.

Above is the new trailer for J.J. Abrams’ film. Below is a scene from “Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan,” in which Spock dies but, before that, he and Kirk touch hands pretty much like in the new trailer.

Fans are now saying online that this is the clearest indication that Cumberbatch plays Khan in the new film, something Abrams has refused to talk about.

It also proves that Abrams is running out of ideas for remaking the 1982 film when he should have done an original one, they say.

I don’t know about either, but this feels a bit like creating a storm in a teacup based on solely a teaser trailer. Do you feel the same or are you already convinced that “Star Trek Into Darkness” is basically “Wrath of Khan” redone?

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