Shocker: Acer Iconia W700 Tablet Will Ship Starting October 26

And that's really all there is to say on the matter

As if it hadn’t already been clear that everyone on the PC market would launch their upcoming products when Microsoft released its Windows 8 operating system, Acer has made an announcement to that effect.

Acer said, not long ago, that Windows 8 was more stable than iOS6 on the iPhone 5. We'll have to take its word for it until we can see for ourselves, but we digress.

The company has revealed the arrival date of its Iconia W700 tablet PC, the bulky device we played with at IFA 2012. Like the Iconia W510, it will start shipping this month, on October 26 to be exact, the day when the new operating system is given the green light, bugs or no.

The price of the tablet will be of $799 / 799 Euro ($749 in Canada) to $999 / 999 Euro.

At least it's not as painful a price range as that of the Aspire S7 ultrabook (also set for October 26 release).

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