Selena Gomez Rushes to the Emergency Room After Date with Justin Bieber

Star seeks doctor’s advice on nagging case of sore throat

Selena Gomez rushed to the hospital the other day, with tabloid reports on her condition getting fans worked up in a genuine frenzy. As it happens, they had nothing to worry about because she’s fine.

E! News reports that Selena only went to the emergency room as a cautionary measure because she’d been suffering from a sore throat for some time and wanted to make sure it was nothing serious.

It wasn’t.

“[She went] because her throat was bothering her. Also, her stepfather has had bronchitis so she wanted to be extra careful to make sure she wasn't getting it, too,” an insider says for the celebrity publication.

The visit to the ER came just hours after Selena and (rumored ex-boyfriend) Justin Bieber were photographed together again, thus putting to rest reports that they were no longer an item.

At the 2012 American Music Awards held on Sunday in LA, Justin took his mom as date, while Selena was nowhere to be seen.

This sparked speculation that the two were really, truly over and that Justin had finally gotten the message she’d been trying to send him for at least a couple of weeks.

As it turns out, Justin and Selena are just trying to play it coy for the press because they partied after the AMAs together.

“Although they spent much of their weekend fighting, Bieber, 18, and Gomez, 20, certainly looked like a happy couple at an afterparty at the JW Marriott Los Angeles on Sunday night,” OMG Yahoo! writes.

“The ‘Baby’ singer, wearing the same outfit he had on at the show (including those odd red studded loafers!), and the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ actress, who was casually dressed in boots and jeans, arrived together at the bash. She had her hand around his arm in a clear public display of affection,” the same media outlet notes.

The two left together holding hands – so there’s that for rumors that she dumped him because she felt like she could no longer trust him.

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