Scarlett Johansson or Eva Mendes Might Play Uncharted's Elena Fisher

Brand new statements about the upcoming Uncharted movie hint that the leading female role of Elena Fisher might be played by one of two very lovely actresses: Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes.

At last week's Oscar Academy Awards writer and director of the Uncharted movie, David O. Russel, and the actor set to play Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg, shared a few more details about the whole project.

Russel once more confirmed his own vision of the Uncharted games, saying that the movie will amp up the role of Drake's family.

"I'm excited to make Uncharted a really dope crime family in the world of antiquities and art, and I think we could do something very exciting," said Russell.

In terms of rating, Russel said that it would have a family-friendly PG-13, but that he's going to push it as far as he can in order to have some more serious moments.

Both Wahlberg and Russel said that Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci might be cast in the movie, but that their appearance isn't written in stone.

Last but not least, Mark Wahlberg shared his insight on who will play the leading female role of Elena Fisher in the movie.

Last time we heard from Russel, the director wanted Scarlett Johansson to play the blonde reporter, but Wahlberg says that Eva Mendes is also in the running for the role.

Wahlberg wouldn't be at the first collaboration with the Latina actress, as they worked together on The Other Guys and We Own the Night.

The Uncharted movie is still in the script writing stage, with Russel fleshing out his own version of the Uncharted games.

While franchise fans may not be pleased with him taking some creative liberties with the games, Russel is confident that the movie will attract plenty of people.

If everything goes well, the Hollywood man said that filming could start as early as this summer, after casting is complete.

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