Samsung Smartphone Prototype Shows New Design in the Works

The device strongly resembles Nokia’s Lumia lineup

It appears that Samsung wants to refresh its products design with new looks. The South Korean company didn’t come up with anything revolutionary since Samsung Galaxy S II was launched on the market.

This is one of the reasons the company is so desperate to find a new winning formula when it comes to the “wow” factor.

Courtesy to evleaks, the information has also been confirmed by the recently leaked photo of a prototype device that does not look like any other Samsung smartphone available on the market.

However, Nokia fans will probably be outraged seeing this prototype, as the device strongly resembles the Lumia lineup.

There are differences, of course, such as the fact that the prototype is rather rectangular and features a big physical home button below the screen.

Obviously, given the fact this is just a prototype anything can be changed by the time Samsung is ready to announce the final product, so the device might look totally different.

Hopefully, Samsung learned from its mistakes and will come up with something innovative this time, in order to avoid any allegations regarding stolen design.

The South Korean company has been blamed in the past for copying some of Apple’s products. It won’t bode well for Samsung’s reputation to start copying other companies like Nokia as well.

Back on the leaked prototype, we’re not sure if the new design is intended for a new lineup of Android smartphones or Samsung plans to launch its first Tizen devices featuring this look.

Some might like it, while others might be disappointed how things might turn for Samsung’s new lineup of smartphones.

One thing is certain though, there’s no telling what the company is planning for its fans, so until Samsung issues an official announcement we should thread lightly when it comes to rumors and leaks. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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