Rage PC Issues Caused by Graphics Card Drivers, id Software Says

AMD and Nvidia graphics card owners should upgrade their software

Rage, id Software's long awaited hybrid between a first person shooter, role playing and racing game, was released yesterday in North America on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but most PC owners found it borderline unplayable by lengthy texture loading times and other such issues, which have now been attributed by the developer to graphics card drivers.

Rage was awaited by many loyal id Software fans, who were extremely excited about the new project coming from the studio that brough Quake, Doom and other great titles to gamers from around the world.

Sadly, after a long period in development, Rage was released yesterday in North America and the response, at least with PC gamers, hasn't been the best, largely because of technical issues and problems relating to texture loading, blurry visuals and even complete crashes altogether before the game even starts.

id Software is aware of these issues and posted on the Bethesda blog details about them, saying that drivers for graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia are to blame.

"While many folks are playing Rage on PC and not running into issues, we’re aware that some of you are experiencing issues with screen tearing and texture issues. These problems can be attributed to driver issues, and we’re currently working with Nvidia and AMD to resolve them as quickly as possible."

Until new drivers appear that are optimized for Rage, id advises people to update to the newest beta versions of the drivers, and not use the ones from last week that were enhanced for the Battlefield 3 beta.

Owners of Nvidia graphics cards need to download the GeForce 285.38 drivers from Softpedia.

AMD (ATI) graphics card owners should download this special hotfix designed to improve Rage performance from Softpedia.

Expect more details about Rage performance on the PC and new driver updates to appear soon enough.

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