PlayStation 4 Out in 2013, Has Paid Online Service, Supports Mobile Controllers - Rumor

The next generation console will cost either $429/€321 or $529/€396

A brand new batch of PlayStation 4 rumors has appeared online, this time confirming that the console will be out in 2013, that it has a paid online subscription, and that it supports the use of tablets or smartphones to control certain features.

The PlayStation 4 is expected to be revealed later today, February 20, so lots of rumors have started appearing in the last few weeks.

After hearing a bit of speculation, Kotaku has now posted another report from one of its sources, this time revealing a few interesting tidbits of information.

First up is the fact that the console will come out on the market this year and that two models will be sold for around $429 (around €321) and $529 (€396).

Besides featuring a brand new controller, which we already saw through some leaked photos, the new console will also allow users to control certain features by wielding a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, and chat with others.

While the PlayStation Network online service is free on the PlayStation 3, the next-generation console will use an evolved system called PlayStation World that will charge a subscription to use all of its different features.

The website also confirmed a previous rumor that claimed the all-new PlayStation 4 will come with an upgraded PlayStation Eye camera, which should be able to track different things and even recognize users by their faces and then sign them into their own accounts.

A special spectating feature will also let PS4 users watch other friends play games, even if they don't really own the titles that are being played.

You can expect to hear a few more rumors about the PlayStation 4 as we get closer to its reveal later today at a special event in New York City that will take place at 6pm EST.

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