Photos of Flooded NY Aquarium Hit the Public Eye

The aquarium will remain closed “indefinitely,” the WCS says

As previously reported, hurricane Sandy caused the New York aquarium to flood, and the Wildlife Conservation Society admitted to thinking about sending some of the animals to other wildlife parks.

Only yesterday, pictures taken inside the aquarium's flooded facilities hit the online community, and it is quite clear that, at least in some parts of this marine park, the damages are rather extensive.

Although power has been restored to two of the aquarium's main exhibit buildings, significant efforts must still be made to assess the remaining facilities and get them back on track, Mongabay reports.

The director for the New York Aquarium wished to reassure the public that, “We have been able to maintain temporary life support on our tanks and exhibits since we lost power when the storm hit.”

Furthermore, “Our veterinarians have been working with the animal care staff to ensure the health and well-being of all our animals.”

Once all the animals residing at this marine park find themselves out of harm's way, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the staff at the aquarium will focus on reopening the facility.


Flooded NY Aquarium (5 Images)

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