Photo of the Day: Gucci Mane’s Admission of Guilt to a Judge

Asked if he’s guilty of aggravated assault, rapper responds with B-word and “I might be”

Rapper Gucci Mane was harshly mocked online when he tattooed an ice cream cone on his face (and it was a huge one, too!) but his admission to guilt in front of a judge might have just taken him to the next level of badness.

Check out the photo above to see what he told the judge when he was asked if he was guilty of aggravated assault.

“[B-word] I might be,” he said.

As I also reported a few days ago, Gucci Mane was indicted for aggravated assault after smashing a bottle against a man’s head in a club, as the man was talking to the rapper’s bodyguard about the possibility of snapping a photo with him.

As for his response to the judge, expect a new Internet meme in 3… 2… 1…

[Update, April 17, 2013, later]: As it turns out, the photo is fake. Well, we'll always have the ice cream cone face tattoo.

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