Palit Also Has a GeForce GTX 680 Card Ready

Like most others, the board stays faithful to the reference specs

NVIDIA's partners will no doubt come up with factory overclocked and custom-cooled Kepler cards, but they seem to be content with the standard features for now.

Palit is just one of the many companies ready to start shipping its GeForce GTX 680, so keep an eye out online in case it shows up.

You'll need $499 to get it of course. The European price still hasn't been revealed, but we'll assume it's more than 375 Euro.

Anyway, you should go here if you want to read about the specs of the card and what the new TXAA technology does.

As for drivers, we don't have any special Palit ones, so you'll have to settle for the one here.

Then again, the shipped product will have a software disk, so it's all good, not that we would have minded a complete driver release like the one from MSI.

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