Opera Mini 7.1 Arrives on BlackBerry and Java Phones

The new browser release comes with download manager enhancements

A new flavor of the Opera Mini browser is now available for download for BlackBerry and Java devices, namely Opera Mini 7.1.

The main focus in this release has been on improving the performance of the Download Manager, so that users would benefit from a better experience when taking advantage of its capabilities.

The download manager in Opera Mini 7.1 has received a series of optimizations on the server side, which should result in faster downloading times for all files that are smaller than 15MB.

However, when it comes to files larger than 15MB, the browser will handle them the same as before: they will be downloaded directly to the client.

Furthermore, users will benefit from the possibility to pause and resume downloads across sessions starting with Opera Mini 7.1.

“You can start a download, exit Opera Mini, and resume it later on. Please note that there is a known issue on some BlackBerry models with pause-resume that we are working on fixing,” Opera notes in a forum post.

The new browser release also comes with other enhancements, including a series of optimizations for the dialog through which users choose where to store the files.

“It now remembers the last location you used for various file types. If you save an mp3 file into a folder named ‘my music’ it will use that folder the next time you download an mp3 as well. Other predefined folders (like ‘music’, ‘pictures’, etc.) are also shown in that dialog,” Opera explains.

Opera Mini 7.1 for BlackBerry and Java also allows users to rename files before saving them, straight from the download dialog.

At the same time, BlackBerry users will be able to open files straight from the download manager. This option is not available for Java phones, but owners of such devices will be able to take advantage of an option to open a file instead of downloading it.

Download Opera Mini 7.1 for BlackBerry

Download Opera Mini 7.1 for Java

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