OpFreePalestine: Data Leaked from Banks and Telecoms Companies

The hacker that leaked the data may be in on some political secrets

A hacker that calls himself C'Seven Booter hacked six Indian websites as part of Operation Free Palestine, an operation first announced by TeaMp0isoN and Anonymous.

The hacker breached the websites of an Indian restaurant, KGSG Bank, India TV News, and a couple of subdomains that belong to the country’s largest telecommunications company BSNL.

In some cases usernames and passwords were leaked by the hacker on Pastebin, while in other situations he only published database table names, web server information and IPs.

Some of the websites are already taking measures, one of them blocking users from accessing their accounts.

The last we heard, India had promised to back Palestine’s UN bid, so we don’t exactly see why the hacker breached Indian websites in OpFreePalestine, but probably he knows something that we don’t. Or maybe he confused Palestine with Pakistan.

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