Nexus One Plagued with 3G Connectivity Issues

No 3G or switching between EDGE and 3G are the main symptoms

When Google unveiled the Nexus One early last week, a wide range of enthusiasts out there jumped on the device and purchased it, only to find soon after that the device comes around with a series of issues related to its network connectivity. We've heard about these problems a few days after the first units were delivered to users and they seemed to be only isolated cases at that time. Yet, now we learn that more and more people complain about the weak performance of Nexus One when it comes to 3G.

The main problems that users are reporting at the moment are either the fact that Nexus One cannot access T-Mobile's 3G network, or that it is constantly switching between 3G and EDGE. One way or the other, the connectivity issues seem to be there, and they are certainly pretty annoying, especially to those who need 3G for work. However, not all Nexus One units are plagued by the same problems, it seems, as some users report that the devices they own work like a charm.

Some of those affected by the connectivity issues also report that the support from the three companies included in the equation, namely Google, T-Mobile and HTC, is something that doesn't work too well either. “T-Mobile also said Google hasn’t provided them with any support documents for the phone,” is what one user notes on the Nexus One support forum, after stating that he went back and forth between HTC and T-Mobile for more than an hour.

Undoubtedly, this is not the first device that comes to the market with some issues, and certainly it will also be followed by a long list of other similar phones. For the time being, however, it is rather hard to say whether Nexus One is the big problem here or T-Mobile's network is the one to be blamed. Either way, one of the involved parties should have a look into the reported issue and come up at least with an answer to those affected by the glitch.

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