NetFront Browser v4.0 Officially Available

With a 20 times faster JavaScript engines

Leading provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile market ACCESS announced recently the official launch of its NetFront Browser v4.0, the latest flavor of its browsing solution for mobile phones and Internet-enabled devices. According to the company, the new solution comes with one of the fastest JavaScript engines in the world, twenty times faster than the one present with ACCESS' NetFront Browser v3.52, something that should offer an enhanced browsing experience to all users out there.

Moreover, the company revealed that the NetFront Browser v4.0 API application and porting layers featured compatibility with those that were present in NetFront Browser v3.5, meaning that mobile phone makers using the previous flavor of the browser are capable of performing a quick update to the new flavor, so as to deliver the “super fast JavaScript engine in NetFront Browser v4.0” to their users.

In addition, ACCESS mentioned that it was providing a free concept version of NetFront Browser v4.0 for Windows Mobile, and that it would be followed by NetFront Browser v4.0 flavors for all major mobile operating systems on the market. According to the company, its NetFront Browser is the most powerful full Internet browser for mobile and beyond-PC devices currently available. The number of devices that included the NetFront Browser was of around 850 million and 1,960 models as of the end of October 2009, the company further notes.

“The more users and companies come to depend on cloud computing, the more important web application performance and web JavaScript execution become,” said Tomihisa Kamada, president, CEO and co-founder of ACCESS. “NetFront delivers not only an exceptionally fast mobile browsing experience, but also a mobile cloud computing experience that is fluid and truly useful. ACCESS will continue to improve and extend our technologies to bring users around the world a faster, easier and more enjoyable Internet experience.”

The concept version of NetFront Browser v4.0 for Windows Mobile is available for a free download from Softpedia too, via this link.

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