Microsoft Reveals New Office Versions, Confirms Pricing

The full lineup now includes a total of six Office versions

Microsoft will also launch two other Office 365 versions in addition to the four it had already confirmed earlier this year, trying to appeal to a broader range of customers with an otherwise very popular product.

The future Office 365 lineup will thus include a total of six versions, as it follows: Home Premium, Small Business, Small Business Premium, ProPlus, Midsize Business and Enterprise.

The two new versions are Small Business and Midsize Business, Microsoft confirmed for ZDNet. So let’s see the changes brought by both of them.

As you may guess by simply reading its name, Office 365 Small Business is pretty similar to Small Business Premium, but it lacks Office apps for PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets.

The ProPlus flavor, on the other hand, comes with installable versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Lync and InfoPath, according to the same source. All these apps can be deployed on up to five different Windows devices.

The Midsize Business version is specifically created for businesses with up to 250 employees, bringing all Office services plus the aforementioned ProPlus package.

Office 365 Midszie Business will come with an annual price tag of $180 (€137) per user. In addition, the Enterprise version will be sold for $240 (€183) per user per year.

As we previously reported, a one-year Office 365 Home Premium subscription for up to 5 users will cost $99.99 / €76.30 (which is only $8.33 / €6.36 per month).

Office 365 Small Business Premium on the other hand will cost $149.99 / €114.5 per year ($12.50 /€9.50 per month).

Full pricing information on every single Office 365 version is, however, available in the photo included in this article.

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