Lindsay Lohan Bails on Barbara Walters, 20/20 Interview

Star pulls out of scheduled promotional appearance after recent legal woes

Lindsay Lohan has pulled out of a scheduled promotional appearance on ABC’s 20/20 segment with Barbara Walters, it has emerged. Reports say that Walters planned to make the interview too personal, so Lohan bailed.

Her big comeback is supposed to be Lifetime’s biopic “Liz & Dick,” which she should, by all counts, be promoting as we speak.

Part of the promo trail for the TV movie was the Barbara Walters interview, to which Lindsay agreed last month.

Some things have changed in the meantime, as Deadline also points out, particularly Lohan’s PR team, new legal woes have emerged on the horizon and Walters was starting to think about asking more personal questions.

“Few in Hollywood pull out of Barbara Walter’s interviews, especially when they have an upcoming project. But Lindsay Lohan’s new PR representatives Rogers & Cowan confirmed tonight that the actress will not be appearing on ABC’s 20/20,” Deadline reports.

The interview was supposed to take place on November 16, less than a week from now, and would have proved the perfect opportunity for Lindsay to promote her film.

“A source tells Deadline that Lohan’s new flackery was dissatisfied with the direction ABC wanted to take the interview. The 20/20 stint was to promote Lohan’s upcoming Lifetime movie Liz & Dick in which she portrays Elizabeth Taylor and her stormy romance to two-time husband and co-star Richard Burton, played by Grant Bowler,” the same media outlet writes.

TMZ too confirms that the “direction” the interview was taking struck too close to home for Lindsay, i.e., she would have had to answer questions about her latest car crash and allegations that she lied to cops when she told police she wasn’t driving.

“In the past week, producers made it clear to Lohan that Barbara wanted to talk about her personal life as well, including allegations that she lied to police about the June car crash on Pacific Coast Highway,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

In return, Lindsay’s team simply ruled that it would not be good for her to be put in the hot seat like that right now, so they cancelled the interview altogether.

Whether Lindsay will still promote the film is unknown, but EW seems to think that she could still do that with a brief appearance on one of the late-night shows, like Jimmy Fallon’s.

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