LG Optimus S (LS670) Software Update Released

Wireless carrier Sprint has just released a new software update for one of the Android-based handsets on its airwaves, the LG Optimus S. The new update, available as version LS670ZV9, comes with a nice range of enhancements that should make the experience users receive from this device more pleasant than before.

At the same time, users should also get a nice range of bug fixes with the new software solution, along with some new features.

One of the nicest enhancements that was added into the mix would be the Swype keyboard functionality, which would complement the already existing virtual keyboard on the mobile phone.

The complete changelog for the software update for the handset includes:

- Remote Wipe Command

- Enhanced password policies: length, alphanumeric, expiration, history, max failed attempts, inactivity lock, password recovery to the device.

- Set Out of Office messages from the device

- Accept/decline/tentatively accept meeting requests from the device

- Corporate directory contacts search while composing email

- Delete Exchange Calendar meeting requests and notify participants from the device

- Modifying an Exchange Calendar meeting request (change date/time, add/remove participants) and notify participants about the meeting modifications

In order to install the new software solution over the air, one would have to hit the Menu key when on the Home screen, and tap Settings, then About phone, and Tap System Updates.

In case the devices founds an update available for download, one would have to simply follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it.

In order to check on the software version on the LG Optimus S, one would have to go to the Home screen, press Menu, tap Settings, and hit About phone. The software version is displayed under SW Version.

Before launching the update process, one would have to backup all data on the mobile phone, just to make sure that no important files are lost during the installation.

Additional details on the software updates that Sprint made available for the Android-based device can be found on the carrier's support forums here.

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