Konami Warns Users of over 35,000 Unauthorized Logins on Konami ID Portal Site

Usernames and passwords were supposedly stolen from an external service provider

Japanese video game company Konami is notifying customers of the Konami ID portal that their accounts might have been breached by hackers. The incident was discovered earlier this week.

According to a notice posted on the company’s website, 35,252 unauthorized logins have been detected. The total number of login attempts is close to 4 million, Konami reveals.

The hackers might have accessed user information such as name, address, date of birth, gender, phone number and email address. So far, there’s no evidence that the compromised data has been misused, but the company is taking precautions.

The attackers targeted the website between June 13, 2013 and July 7, 2013. The breach was detected on July 8.

Konami believes the hackers stole IDs and passwords from an external service provider and used the information to log in to user accounts.

To prevent any incidents, the company is asking customers to change their passwords.

“Konami has taken measures to ensure that logins cannot be performed using IDs and passwords involved in these unauthorized logins, and as we contact affected customers individually, we request that customers change their passwords. Konami sincerely apologizes for the trouble this has caused to our valued customers,” the company stated.

Following the breach, the company has strengthened its security and raised its monitoring level. Additional measures have been taken to make sure the compromised credentials cannot be misused.

The breach is similar to the one suffered by another Japanese video game company a few days ago, namely Nintendo. It’s uncertain if the two are connected, but the large number of login attempts and the time of the attacks suggest that the same cybercriminals might be behind both operations.

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