Indian Government Wants Cyber Security Brochures Attached to All Devices

Manufacturers say this would be a nightmare because of the logistics involved

India is trying not only to enhance the security of its own computer systems, but also to raise awareness on cyber threats among users. To this end, it’s planning on forcing hardware companies to deliver all their products with a cyber-security brochure that’s meant to educate users.

According to the Economic Times, computers, mobile phones, modems and even USB sticks will have to come pre-packaged with a “cyber security awareness brochure” if the law is implemented.

Of course, manufacturers are not thrilled with the idea, considering the logistics implications.

Furthermore, experts highlight the fact that the government should worry about its own cyber security, before applying such measures.

“Government websites continue to get attacked as a matter of regular routine. Authorities should first try to secure those before intruding into citizens' life by proffering pamphlets,” T.V. Mohandas Pai, the chairman of the Karnataka government's panel on information and communication technology, explained.

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