Gabourey Sidibe Propositions Gerard Butler on Oscars' Red Carpet

Actor handles the joke in an extraordinary manner

It’s a known fact that Gerard Butler does not lack a sense of humor, having just days ago told the media how he planned to fake his win at the Oscars this year to compensate for the fact that the Academy did not even nominate him. On the red carpet at the awards on Sunday night, the actor had yet another chance to prove just how awesome he was when Gabourey Sidibe propositioned to him, as Us Magazine can confirm.

The moment occurred right there on the red carpet, as the two stars chanced to be passing each other. Gabourey, Gaby as she’s referred to in the media, saw Gerard and was just telling an interviewer that she wouldn’t mind getting it on with him. The interviewer thought Butler might have heard her remark, blushed and asked her to repeat it to see if he had gotten it right, to which Gaby answered in the affirmative.

However, it’s not Sidibe’s audacity that is getting a lot of media, as is Gerry’s good humored response. Looking at the actress, he reportedly took her by the arm delicately and told her, “I’m here, I’m available. Let’s go!” Seeing that she had met her match, Gabourey also continued with the joke, saying, “Let’s grab a bottle of champagne and see where the night goes.”

As also noted above, a few days ago, Butler was expressing his dismay at not having been nominated for an Oscar this year, saying the Academy must surely be having a bad year based on the oversight. However, he insisted, he had come up with just the perfect idea to make things right again and, what was even better, no one would ever be able to tell the difference. Thus, Butler decided to fake his Oscar win.

“To be honest, I’m surprised I wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. I mean, did they see Ugly Truth? Did they see Gamer? But I have the honor of presenting at the Oscars, and I had this genius idea that I was going to record it on my DVR, and then just watch it backwards, and then I’m going to feel like I won. Who’s going to know the difference?” Gerard joked a few days ago, as we also reported.

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