Facebook Becomes Flooded with Adult Content

Victims can't see that they're posting explicit pictures

Animals, elderly women and even Justin Bieber can be seen on Facebook these days, all of them featured in explicit violent and adult pictures.

Graham Cluley reports that in the last 24 hours a lot of Facebook customers were affected by the interesting plague.

When I say interesting, I mean that infected members are seen by their friends as posting the horrifying pictures, but the victims themselves can't see anything.

“One of my friend's accounts was compromised and messages containing a video were sent. My daughter's boyfriend had something posted on his wall that he couldn't see on his computer, but my daughter could see on his wall from hers,” wrote a user.

It's not yet clear as how this infection spreads and since no one got the chance to analyze its sources, it could be anything from malware, clickjacking, the lack of proper privacy settings and even a vulnerability in the social networking website.

Gawker editors believe that the incident might even have something to do with Anonymous and their threatening Fawkes Virus. This comes after a few days ago Bitdefender researchers claimed they might have found the infamous virus that may not even exist.

Curiously, every threat discovered on Facebook recently is cataloged as the Anonymous virus.

"We did not expect the intensity in which it would spread," said the robotic voice in a video posted on November 11. "After the worm is under control Anonymous will use this to its advantage against corruption and as an alternative attack against its opponents."

This adult and violent content invasion doesn't really seem the work of hacktivists who claim to fight against government corruption and crooked systems. It will remain to be seen if the hacker collective will claim any of these infections since that's the main thing that can prove the actual existence of the virus in the first place.

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