Cybug Solar Fly 2 Autonomous Robot Finds Its Own Way Towards the Light

When it comes down to robotics I don't think there is a gadget geek out there that doesn't consider this domain to be one of the most interesting around, so I am sure these Cybug Solar Fly 2 solar powered robots will manage to arouse your interest since they are actually pretty cool gadgets.

Advertised as a lesson in robotics and a low maintenance pet all in one, the Solar Fly 2 is available as a kit in order to teach you the basics of robotics.

Although I must admit that putting this thing together sounds like quite a demanding task since it requires some soldering skills as well as some knowledge of electronics, the end result will definitely be worthy of all this trouble, the Solar Fly 2 being tones of fan to use as the robot will try to find its own way into the light.

This is possible thanks to its sensitive infrared eyes that cause it to move towards the brightest object it sees finding its own way around obstacles.

And if you don't find that impressive, then you will surely be surprised to know this thing actually comes with some sort of short-term memory, remembering objects that it has come into contact with and avoiding them on its way back.

Although primarily fueled by the sun, the Solar Fly 2 can also draw power with its long vertical antennae when it comes into contact with “feeding stations” that can be built from the included instructions.

And if a robot is just not enough, you can actually built more since the Solar Fly 2 is actually a very sociable bug, enjoying the company of others around him.

Of course that a few tools wold be needed in order to build this thing (some basic hand tools and soldering iron) but otherwise, this $49.95 has pretty much everything that you need, except time. (via Red Ferret)

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