Chris Avellone Ready to Join Brian Fargo on Wasteland 2 Development

The project will benefit from solid tools and extra manpower

The Kickstarter effort to fund the creation of a Wasteland sequel is going so well that mainstream developer Obsidian is thinking about getting involved in the process as long as the fans manage to pledge more than 2.1 million dollars (1.57 million Euro) before the Kickstarter drive ends.

A group of developers from Obsidian, led by Chris Avellone, one of the veterans of the Interplay period, have said that they would help the development process both with manpower and with a number of tools that would speed up the entire effort.

Chris Avellone has previously worked with Brian Fargo on both Planescape: Torment and on the first two titles of the Fallout series, when they were both hired by Black Isle Studios.

Brian Fargo, who is the chief executive officer at inXile and the leader of the Wasteland 2 development project, has told Gamasutra that, “I have been working on getting Obsidian and Chris Avellone involved early on to help with design work.

“Chris brings a wonderful writing style and density that I wanted Wasteland 2 to have. Their involvement is pure design with some tools to help us get assets in quicker.“

Even if the Obsidian developers get involved, the core development work will be done at inXile in order to allow Fargo to oversee the entire process.

At the moment the Kickstarter page for Wasteland 2 shows that the project is close to getting to the 1.9 million dollars mark (1.42 million Euro) and has another 15 days to go before being fully funded.

This means that it’s highly likely that Obsidian veterans will be involved in the development of Wasteland 2.

Fargo has stated that his new game will be primarily designed to appeal to the fans of the 1988 effort that used the same game world.

Wasteland 2 does not currently have a potential launch date.

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