Cannon Used to Fire Drugs over Mexico – U.S. Border

A pneumatic-powered cannon was used to throw the cans over the border

A cannon was used to fire drugs over the Mexico – U.S. border, landing in Yuma, Arizona near the Colorado River.

Officials state they found marijuana in over 30 cans on Friday, December 7. According to International Science Times, each cannonball weighed approximately 85 lbs (38.5 kg), and had an estimated worth of $42,500 (€32,000).

Police believe a pneumatic-powered cannon was used to throw the cans over the border. 500 feet (152 m) away from the spot where the drugs landed, a carbon dioxide tank was found.

Law enforcement officials applaud the drug smugglers originality. However, they are relieved that their methods did not prove fruitful. Border Patrol agents dub it “another unique but unsuccessful attempt” at smuggling.

Earlier today, we covered the case of a 28-year-old woman from Panama who tried to bring cocaine to Spain, but was apprehended in airport control.

She had large bags of the class A drug implanted in her chest, and was discovered when a search revealed she was still bleeding from the operation.

In fact, she had lost so much blood, that being caught and transported to a hospital in Barcelona saved her life.

“She was in a very bad state when she arrived. She said she was not in any pain but the wounds looked very bad,” a police source said.

In 2011, a carrier pigeon transporting 40 grams (1.41 ounces) of marijuana and 5 grams (0.17 ounces) of cocaine paste was caught by Colombian authorities. The bird had been sent to Bucarmanga jail, but it wasn't big enough to deliver the package.

“We found the bird about a block away from the prison trying to fly over with a package, but due to the excess weight it could not accomplish its mission,” local police commander Jose Angel Mendoza says.

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