Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher Visit Demi Moore at Home

Actress is recuperating at home, details on her condition are still scarce

Actress Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital for a suspected overdose or possible bad reaction to drugs the other week. She's been released and is now at home, where she's just received a visit from her two exes Bruce and Ashton.

Despite reports to the contrary, Demi is not in rehab, X17 Online, the paparazzi agency that virtually has men outside her gate as we speak, reports.

She is at home where she's believed she's receiving proper treatment for her issues, but also plenty of support from those most important in her life.

Both Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher have visited her since she was released from the hospital, which can only mean that they're offering to help her at this difficult time.

Admittedly, Bruce might also be looking in on Demi because of the influence he fears she has over their children – as we also reported last weekend, daughter Rumer was with her at the time of the 911 call.

“A somber looking Willis was seen arriving at Moore's LA home Wednesday around 11:30am. The Die Hard actor must be concerned about his daughters being exposed to Demi's troubles,” X17 writes.

“It was revealed the former couple's oldest daughter Rumer was present during Demi's partying and eventual convulsions that led to the actress' hospitalization,” the e-zine adds.

Willis wasn't the only ex on hand either, the same media outlet goes on to say.

“After Bruce left, Demi's estranged husband Ashton Kutcher pulled up to her home in his blacked-out Lexus around 4:30pm. He visited for close to two hours, then the Two and a Half Men star left. Kutcher recently returned from working and partying in Brazil,” X17 reports.

As of now, the official story for the emergency hospitalization remains that Demi suffered from exhaustion and needed medical attention.

However, speculation in the blogosphere says she's hit rock bottom, combining pills with Red Bull, refusing to eat, and desperately clinging to an idea that she's still young.

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